Individual Strength & Conditioning Programmes

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Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy develops effective strength and conditioning programmes for individuals of all fitness levels and competencies, tailoring our approach to the needs of each client. Programmes are delivered through one on one coaching sessions with our certified specialists, who will first establish your requirements and physical condition before implementing an appropriate strength and conditioning programme.

Our clients include athletes from a broad range of sports, including GAA, football, athletics, tennis, boxing, swimming, etc. We work with recreational exercisers up to full-time athletes, implementing effective strategies to improve overall strength and condition and reduce the risk of injury. We work to ensure our clients leave our clinic equipped with the tools they need to guarantee sustained improvements in their strength and conditioning.

Strength & Conditioning Programme Benefits

  • Strength & Conditioning Programme Benefits

  • Increase strength, power and endurance

  • Increased speed, agility and balance

  • Improvement in cardiovascular fitness and reduction in recovery times

  • Increased training tolerance

  • Injury risk reduced

  • Improvement in durability and reduction in overuse injuries

  • Increase in lean muscle mass

  • Improved body composition

  • Increase in metabolic rate

  • Improvement in cartilage and connective tissue strength

  • Decrease in metabolic disease risk factors

  • Increased bone strength and mineral density (reduced risk of osteoporosis)