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Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy is dedicated to helping athletes establish and maintain an optimal level of performance, in particular, we can assist with sports recovery to minimise any downtime and prevent injuries from occurring. We work with athletes of all levels, ages and disciplines, creating tailored recovery programmes developed around the unique requirements of each individual client we see. Many athletes only consider seeking a therapist after an injury has occurred, however, the benefits of a carefully implemented recovery plan can ensure any downtime is minimised and can, in turn, lead to an overall improvement in performance. Through an initial consultation and evaluation, we can highlight any existing injuries or potential risk areas, after which we will develop an effective recovery plan to address these problem areas.

All recovery programmes are developed and administered by our own fully qualified, highly skilled therapists, with a particular focus placed on the development of long-term improvements in functional movement and overall performance. We have a diverse range of clients and work with individuals as well as sports clubs and businesses. If you have any questions regarding our sports recovery aid programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our clinic at Fit 4 Less, Belgard Square West in Tallaght.

Normatec Pulse 2.0 Legs Recovery System

The Normatec system is the leader in rapid passive recovery systems worldwide. The Normatec recovery boots are designed to speed up recovery and rehabilitation from tough work outs and injuries using unique compression massage technology.

NormaTec expedites recovery by mimicking and speeding up the body's natural recovery system in 3 forms:

  • Pulsing—dynamic compression mobilizes fluid
  • Gradient Hold—prevents fluid backflow
  • Distal Release—allows normal circulation

Using these techniques the Normatec Pulse Legs recovery system has been shown to reduce pain and soreness, increase circulation, rejuvenate muscles, and accelerate athlete recovery.