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Strenuous physical activity causes muscle tension to build up in the body’s soft tissue muscles. In cases where overuse or overextension occur, minor adhesions or imbalances can cause tightness and pain which, in turn, leads to a decrease in athletic performance. Classic massage therapies are generally used for relaxation, whilst deep tissue and sports massage therapies are specifically focused on the treatment of issues relating to functional movement and injuries. At Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy we provide both deep tissue and sports massage services which are used to treat a variety of functional issues and injuries, with the most appropriate therapy selected based upon the needs of each individual client.

Our deep tissue and sports massage services are effective in the treatment of:

Sports Related Injuries
Chronic Pain
Limited Mobility
Postural Problems
Ostearthritis Pain
Muscle Tension Or Spasm
Repetitive Strain Injury, Such As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Recovery From Injuries (E.G. Whiplash, Falls, Sports Injury)

Using deep tissue and sports massage, we can effectively alleviate pain and prevent injuries that can affect movement, mobility, flexibility, strength and overall performance in training. These therapies are also effective in combating tension and pain caused by modern working lifestyles, such as prolonged sitting.

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