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Prevention is always better than cure, which is why Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy offers a comprehensive injury prevention education and programming service, equipping clients with the necessary tool to ensure they avoid injuries which can threaten their careers and inhibit their lifestyles. Whether you’re a full-time athlete, a sports hobbyist, construction worker or office worker, knowledge of injury prevention and a sound programme to follow can help to ensure you can continue to enjoy complete freedom of movement.

Injury prevention education and programming is suitable for all types of clients. At Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy we work with:

Athletes of all levels and ages, from hobbyists to full timers.
Businesses which are concerned about employee safety and want to focus on improving the wellbeing of their staff.
Individuals who simply want to ensure they can prevent injuries from occurring and enjoy complete functionality.

Educational programmes are developed depending on the specific requirements of the client, as, for example, a full-time athlete will require a different approach in comparison to a hobbyist. We always consult with our clients to understand their goals and identify the most likely causes of injury so we can implement a programme that will address all relevant risks.


We take a wide approach to injury prevention and education, providing professional, educational advice that you can trust. Our injury prevention education programmes are suitable for people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities and take all aspects of exercise into account. We advise on all kinds of injury prevention, ranging from the study of your existing training schedule to treatment with deep tissue sports massage and stretches. If you’re curious about how to prevent injury while playing sports, why not call us now?


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