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Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy offers a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal therapy treatments effective in the rehabilitation of sports related and work related injuries. We utilise a number of therapies, including manipulation, massage, rehabilitation and expert guidance, with therapy programmes tailored to the specific injury and physical condition of the client.

We provide treatment for a range of common problems, including:

Back pain
Hip and groin injuries
Elbow pain
Knee injuries
Foot and ankle pain
Neck pain
Hand and wrist pain
Shoulder pain


Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy specialises in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of all types of sports related injuries, with clients including a number of well-recognised sports institutions. We believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we always strive to identify injuries and potential injuries early on, allowing us to incorporate preventative measures to avoid more serious or even permanent injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation will vary from patient to patient, as we always take into account the unique requirements of each person we see.

Improved Flexibility
Improved Functional Movement
Pain Relief


Generally we find most work related injuries are caused by damage to the soft tissue; sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons. The decisions made following a workplace injury can have a huge effect on your recovery prospects, if you have become injured at work it is vital you receive a quick diagnosis so an appropriate rehabilitation plan can be implemented to ensure you make a full recovery.

In addition to our diagnosis and rehabilitation services, we will also provide injury education and awareness to ensure that future injuries are avoided or significantly reduced.

Back Pain

One of the most common complaints we deal with in relation to workplace injuries is back pain in the lower, upper and neck regions. These injuries can arise when too much force is exerted when lifting or moving heavy or unusual objects, or simply from slouching for too long which leads to muscle fatigue and injury. These are issues we deal with all too often, as such, we are knowledgeable on the most effective therapies for relieving pain, restoring function and, ultimately, overall recovery.

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